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Zinov'ev Sergey Vladimirovich, Investogator, Administration of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation in Penza region (52 Zlobina street, Penza, Russia), 

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Background. The expected reforming of the system of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation, marked by the entrance into force of the Federal law from 2/7/2011 №3-FZ «On the police», consisted not only of the change of the abbreviation «militia» to «police», but had deeper roots, which was the total change of law-enforcement bodies. «The police» serves the people and for the people. The given thesis in practice was expressed in legislative fastening of a new system of estimation of the police activity, namely a complex estimation of its activity, including estimation of the police activity by using public opinion. However, the legislation lacks both methodical and theoretical bases of gathering, ordering and application of the public opinion as a means of police activity estimation which appears to be the topicality of the given article. The article is to analyze the active legal acts and results of the sociological researches. The purpose of given article is to develop suggestions on the ways to obtain public opinion regarding police activity, to developsuggestions on the waus to classify the given data and to apply it as a means of police activity estimation.
Materials and methods. Realisation of research problems was achieved through the analysis of the basic active legal acts: the federal legislation, departmental orders, and also the latest sociological researches, concerning various sides of public opinion on the police activity. The methodological potential includes the methods of comparative-legal analysis and regular analysis, allowing to compare legislative norms and the data of sociological researches to meet the purposes of the given work.
Results. Positions of the federal legislation and also the departmental orders, concerning the uses of public opinion as a means of police activity estimation are investigated and compared. The received data is compared with the data of the sociological researches. The authors suggests to introduce into practice methods and ways of reception, gathering, ordering and use of public opinion as a criterion of policy activity estimation.
Conclusions. Studying of the legal regulation of the use of public opinion as the basic criterion of police activity estimation and the analysis of the available sociological researches allow to reveal «blanks» in the sphere of formation of law-enforcement bodies activity estimation, to develop methodology and concrete, applicable ways of reception, ordering and use of data on public opinion regarding the police activity in estimation criteria. 

Key words

Russian police, public opinion, Russian police activity estimation. 

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